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R.I.P. Chester Bennington :(
Ville, Me, and
Last week Thursday July 20th I found out that Chester Bennington from the band Linkin Park had passed away, it was said that he committed suicide. I found out via Facebook on a live stream one of my friends posted and I started crying and I could not believe it at first. I was like "No way!!! :(" I had cried 3 or 4 times that day, I was heartbroken. I told my mom and she was shocked and my dad was told by my mom on the phone. That day was not good. :( Yesterday on July 28th I told my cousin Lilly about it who had stopped by my house and after telling her i started crying. :( Before that, after Chester's death I had a Linkin Park listening marathon of my own and I did not cry a single tear to any song, that's because i was trying to be strong and i was singing. I think i got through the last few albums that i didn't get to listen to (I listened online). I might have to go back and listen to the "Recharged" album because there are some remixes i didn't listen to yet on it. I believe i had Linkin Park's "Meteora" and "Hybrid Theory" albums years ago, I don't know where they're at now. Those were the 1st 2 that got me listening to Linkin Park. :) I wish i had gone to Linkin Park concerts when Chester was alive and wish i got to meet them all. I regret not going :( My condolences to Chester's family and friends and to his bandmates Mike, Joe, Dave, Rob and Brad <3 <3 By the way I recently made a card and I want to send it to Chester's family or to the band somehow :(

My day at "95 WIL ROCK FEST" Saturday Aug. 24th 2013 + How me and my dad met HIM :) <3
Icon, HIM, Heartkiller
95 Wil Rock Fest 2013 was the best day of my life (on Saturday Aug. 24th)! :) <3 <3

Anyway, while I was there at the fest I first got to meet Art Of Dying since I missed seeing them play. They were very nice & I got a hug :)

Then I met 2 of my facebook friends Sandra Rosenbaum & Michael Walton :) <3 <3 <3 & met some more people: Aaron, Danielle, and Andrew and they were very sweet to me :) I then got to meet All That Remains/Got an autograph, They were nice too :)

And Finally at 7:00 I Got to meet HIM!!!! :D They were very nice to me, Especially Ville, I got to hold Ville's hand and got 2 or 3 hugs from him + I got a kiss on the cheek and gave him one. :D <3

&&&& He remembered me from The Rave in Milwaukee WI in 2010 when he smiled at me & he confirmed it :) Before I met HIM I met Smile Empty Soul too they were nice as well and i got hugs too :)

Back to HIM - I also got to shake Mige's, Burton's, Linde's & Gas's hands and i said Hi and I also got all their signatures :) & My dad also told me that Ville said I was beautiful and awesome & Ville also liked the things i made that I wanted to give to him. I gave him the get well card, the thank you card, my note & a picture :)

I cried afterwords cause I was so happy and my dad cried :)

Besides the meetings I also got to rock out! :)

Extra info about my day on Saturday Aug. 24th @ 95 Will Rock Fest if anyone wants to know --> I saw Smile Empty Soul play :), I didn't see the band Hurt play :( (I think i didn't) & Trapt played but by the time I got back from meeting Smile Empty Soul i couldn't see them on the stage but I heard the music. I Saw Red Line Chemistry & Nonpoint too :) HIM was awesome on stage :) <3 <3 <3 I got a Gold Circle wrist band which i got an upclose look at the bands on stage & a platinum wrist band & a Music Saves Lives wrist band. I saw Volbeat after HIM played but only stayed for 1 2 or 3 songs by Volbeat then I went home.

More info about my meeting with HIM:
There wasn't much time to speak to Ville since he and the band were busy signing and they were a bit rushed :( But my dad told me that I said my name & I said thanks too :) I don't remember saying thanks though :( When my dad talked to him though he said to Ville i was his #1 fan, I have alot of HIM stuff - Ville liked hearing that :) & dad said to Ville too that I was depressed when he got ill and My dad told me Ville said "Aww".

My friend Danielle who I met told Ville that I love him, she was like "she loves you!" and Ville was happy about that :D Smiling and laughing :) I think he nodded yes too :) & then when my dad told him that I wanted to go to Finland, Ville said "Oh you don't wanna go there. Its dark and cold." Ville also said according to my dad, that it was fantastic that he got to meet me :D When I kissed Ville he was happy and he laughed or giggled :)))

Who else i remember, that i've met, too:
I also met Ashley, and Heather who works at "The Rave-Eagles Ballroom" in Milwaukee WI

The WHOLE story of how me and my dad met HIM :D <3 <3

When we (me and my dad) met HIM the 1st thing my dad did was call Ville over to us he's like "Hey! Ville!" and Ville looked and smiled, my dad said "Come here" My dad and Ville walked over to me and my dad said "This is your #1 fan here" "she loves you" something like that. Ville said I was beautiful and awesome & then Ville came over to me and I think he asked what my name was (according to my dad, thats what Ville did) & that I said my name to Ville but i don't know if i was looking down or up when I said it. And my dad was telling him also that in 2010 when I saw HIM at the rave in Milwaukee WI, he(Ville) looked over and smiled at me. Ville said something like "Yeah I think I remember that" or "Yeah, Yeah, I remember that" I'm not sure which. :)

After Ville said that he smiled and laughed (or giggled). :) My dad also told Ville that I have everything HIM (well I have just CDs, T shirts, a HIM book, a HIM flash drive and a HIM backpack). Anyway after dad told Ville that too Ville said "That's great" I think. Or he just said "Great" with a smile I believe :) & My friend Danielle who I just met, told Ville that I love him too and he smiled and laughed with a nod :) (from what I remember).

I believe my dad also told Ville that when he(Ville) was ill I was worried about him and disappointed about the US tour being cancelled in May. Ville said "Aww" (That was when I got in the tent I think, after other fans came in to have stuff signed) (or maybe it was when we were all still outside, not sure). I first got a picture taken with Ville, Mige, and Gas (2 pictures) and then I got one with Ville (these pics were outside before the signing). :) When we got in the tent after other fans got stuff signed I got my chance to get my own picture signed and then dad gave Ville what I made and Ville liked that (I can't remember what Ville said) but he liked what I made. :)

Anyway once Ville got what I made, I believe my dad told him "You Guys Made her day" Ville said "Its fantastic that i got to meet you" something like that then my dad said "Now I don't have to take her To Finland" and Ville said this "Oh you don't wanna go there. Its dark and cold" I believe Ville was just about to sign my pic when he said that or during signing my pic he said it. I don't know if I responded to what Ville said. I do know Ville said "Heyy! how you're doing?" when he was signing my pic :) and I said "good" with thumb up :) when Ville was done signing I think I went over to Gas and said Hi and touched his hand. I don't remember what Gas told me other than "Hi" but I believe he said "Its nice to meet you Brittney thanks for coming" and I said I think "You're welcome" Next I touched Mige's hand and said Hi he said Hi back :) Then I went to Linde and did the same thing I think he said Hi & then finally I went to Burton and said Hi and I touched his hand when he said "Hi" :)

When they were all about to leave I said to dad where Ville was and he said Ville was getting ready to leave or about to leave and quickly asked Ville to take one more pic (there's actually 2 more pics) so Ville sat down with me and put his arm around me, or just sat next to me (the 1st time), and then for the 2nd pic he put his arm around me --> that was I think before or after I kissed him on the cheek cause I pointed to my face for a kiss & he kissed me. Right before i kissed him the 2nd pic was taken He liked my kiss and I liked his. He laughed once I kissed him and I believe he smiled too and everyone was going "Aww" --> when he kissed me and I kissed him. There was no time to say goodbye I think because they were rushed :( Its ok though.

One more thing --> I also got to hold Ville's hand before or after I got 2 or 3 hugs from him (outside before the signing). :)

Here's a live clip my dad captured of "The Kiss Of Dawn" by HIM :) sorry that its not in the best quality :(

Here's the video I made about the day at the Fest :)

Happy 34th birthday Ville
Ville, Me, and

I know you won't be able to read this Ville, but, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and to wish you all of the Love and Happiness that you really deserve, I hope you are not alone on your birthday and that you are with your friends and family who love and care for you. One of my other wishes that i would want you to have for your birthday is to live long and be happy. You and the rest of your band HIM (Mige, Linde, Burton, and Gas) mean everything to me and I just want you to know that i love you all very much. I hope that sometime soon that in 2011 or in 2012 I will meet you and the rest of the band. Before i end this post I have made you a very special video for your 34th birthday this year, I hope my youtube name does not offend you, & i hope you enjoy. <3

Here's the link to the video:

With Much Love,
You're Biggest Devoted HIM Fan,
Brittney D.


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